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About Angels Chest Boutique

Hello! my name is Mary Angel, I am originally from Venezuela. My mom, taught me to crochet when I was 6 years old. I grew up and became an accountant but I have always loved to design and teach others. I went back to crocheting and now I have an online Etsy Shop. I love what I do, I love to share my designs, inspire others and see others wear my creations.

If you are ever in Boise, you can find me at The Capital City Public Market on Saturdays.

Every one who has ever stopped by my booth knows how much I care about how you look when wearing my hats. If it does not look good on you, I will not let you buy it :)  

As funny as that sounds it is true, but dont worry I have several designs to choose from.  

And this is my husband, Sean Morris, and creator of those wonderful wooden pieces that adorn my desings.

We both love nature and the outdoors and he was the one that had the idea to add wooden buttons to our hats, scarfs, etc. But we wanted something unique, so he did it!

His wooden buttons are our signature, making every design and item that we offer unique.

I hope you enjoyed visiting.


Sean and Mary

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